Roger Zelazny
February 2009
ISBN: 978-0857683632
Cover art by Chuck Pyle

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Once an art smuggler, now a respectable art dealer, Ovid Wiley awoke to find his former partner stabbed to death on his gallery floor. That was strange enough—but when a CIA agent showed up to spring him from NYPD custody, things got a lot stranger.

Now the CIA is offering to clear up the murder charge, but only in return for a favor: They want Ovid to fly to Vatican City and trace the trail of a renegade priest who has gone missing with millions in church funds. What’s the connection? The priest’s lover, a woman Ovid knew in his smuggling days...

  • First publication ever!
  • Features an afterword by the author’s son, Trent Zelazny
  • Manuscript was lost among Zelazny’s papers for more than 30 years; this is the only new Zelazny novel since the author's death more than a decade ago
  • Publishers Weekly on THE DEAD MAN’S BROTHER: "Fantastic and compelling...The twists and turns come at breakneck pace."
  • Zelazny is the hugely popular author of the "Amber" series of fantasy novels and classics such as Lord of Light, Damnation Alley, and My Name Is Legion
  • Zelazny won 6 Hugo Awards and 3 Nebula Awards, and was nominated a record 14 times for each

Acclaim for Roger Zelazny...

"Genuinely moving."
New York Times

"Tricky and brilliant and heartfelt and dangerous."
Neil Gaiman

"Reading Zelazny is like dropping into a Mozart string quartet as played by Thelonious Monk."
Greg Bear