Lawrence Block
May 2012
ISBN: 978-1-59606-489-8
Cover art by Robert McGinnis

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Greenwich Village: home to every form of depravity and perversion known to man...or woman.

It’s on the streets of the Village that Ralph met Stella—but what started as a love affair between a painter and his seductive muse has become torment as heís found himself drawn into her world of cruel pleasures. It's a tinderbox of hatred and desire—and when beautiful Susan Rivers moves into their apartment building, tempting Ralph and Stella both, it’s set to ignite.

From dim waterfront bars to the movie houses of Times Square, from nights in rat-trap hotel rooms to drug-fueled orgies in ground-floor apartments, no one can bring 1960s New York to life like Edgar Award winner Lawrence Block. And in this early tale of psychological suspense—unavailable for fifty years and never before published under his real name—readers will discover a harrowing portrait of men and women pushed to their limits and beyond. Itís a double shot of darkness as only Lawrence Block can deliver it.


They say the show must go on—but in the case of Broadway’s next sensation, A Touch of Squalor, someone’s out to make sure the show never opens. And when threats donít do the trick, a straight razor to the throat just might.

It’s a case for the NYPD...but with a mysterious killer targeting his cast, producer Johnny Lane can’t just wait in the wings. Thereís a Playbill full of suspects, giving Johnny the casting challenge of his career: who to put in the role of murderer, when the wrong call could bring down the curtain on his show—or his life!

Published here for the first time in half a century—and the first time ever under the author’s real name—STRANGE EMBRACE is one of MWA Grand Master Lawrence Block’s earliest detective novels. And for fans of Block’s whodunits who want to see where it all began, it’s cause for a standing ovation.

  • Two complete novels—published for the first time in 50 years!
  • Each novel features a new afterword by the author
  • Block has won more awards for mystery fiction than almost any author in the genre’s history
  • Each book features a new cover painting by the legendary Robert McGinnis

Raves for the Work of LAWRENCE BLOCK...

"Block is awfully good, with an ear for dialogue, an eye for lowlife types and a gift [for] storytelling."
Los Angeles Times

"Exceptional...a whale of a knockout punch to the solar plexus."
New York Daily News

"The reader is riveted to the words, the action."
Robert Ludlum, author of THE BOURNE IDENTITY

"Lawrence Block is finally getting the attention he deserved."
Chicago Tribune