Max Allan Collins
November 2019
ISBN: 978-1-78565-945-4
Cover art by Paul Mann

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Formerly a Marine sniper in Vietnam, the man known professionally as Quarry has spent the past decade killing for money, first in the service of an agent called the Broker, and then as a freelance hitman. But he’s always been on the right side of those contract kills—until now.

It seems someone has taken out a contract on Quarry himself. But who? And why? And how does a mysterious figure from his past figure in? Quarry will find the answer—or die trying.

Since his first appearance in 1976, Quarry has been the star of a Cinemax TV series, a graphic novel (Quarry’s War), and a dozen other novels. But he’s never faced an assignment deadlier or more personal than this...

  • First publication ever!
  • Featuring the return of a character not seen since QUARRY’S DEAL in 1976

The Critics Love Quarry...

"Violent and volatile and packed with sexuality...classic pulp fiction."
USA Today

"Collins’ witty, hard-boiled prose would make Raymond Chandler proud."
Entertainment Weekly

"Crime fiction aficionados are in for a treat...a neo-pulp noir classic."
Chicago Tribune

"As cool as an Eskimo Pie on a hot summer day and as sharp as a Ginsu knife."
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel