Peter Pavia
July 2005
ISBN: 978-0857683120
Cover art by Richard B. Farrell

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Three days out of prison and trying to stay clean, Harry Healy doesn’t really want to get involved with Manfred Pfiser’s drug deals. But he needs the cash—so he agrees to make one simple delivery.

Simple, that is, till Harry stumbles across the results of a robbery cooked up by an old cellmate of his, together with a former high school baseball star, a trigger-happy sociopath, and a beach bunny who can’t seem to keep her clothing on.

Now they’re all on the run—from the cops, from the drug lords, and from each other...

  • First publication anywhere
  • Author of The Cuba Project and co-author of The Other Hollywood with legendary punk journalist Legs McNeil
  • The New York Post on DUTCH UNCLE: "In true pulp tradition, Pavia has created a whirlwind ride of murder, mayhem, and some very nasty criminals."
  • Crime Scene Scotland on DUTCH UNCLE: "A brilliant first novel...continuing Hard Case Crime's so far uninterrupted run of excellence."
  • January Magazine on DUTCH UNCLE: "One of the fresher, brighter voices in the hard-boiled genre today...This dude is rough-riding over his own brand of storytelling, and he accomplishes in 256 pages what many authors fail to do in 450."

"Anyone who likes Elmore Leonard and Carl Hiaasen needs to discover Peter Pavia. He’s that good."
Lawrence Hughes, former CEO of William Morrow & Avon Books

"An extremely impressive debut...You couldn’t ask for better, and even if you did, you’d probably never find it. DUTCH UNCLE, and Pavia, need to be on your must-read list."
The Book Report

"One hell of a good read...Do yourselves a favor and get in on the start of what's going to be one fast-rising career."
Ron Fortier, Paperback Bazaar